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Optimizing Skate Performance (From an Engineers Viewpoint)

Presented at the ISI Conference,May 1996 Chicago 6 pages…………$4.00

The spin is not a ‘spin’ Defines the Laws of the Mechanics of

Skating, showing how they cover skating phenomena from the

flatest  free running edge to the tightest toe spin. Dispels the Myth

that the ‘Skater Spins Like a Top’.  17 pages with color Diagrams

and Graphs - very mathematical. …………………………………………$8.00

ICE Receives grant for..skateblade… Research

American Skating World May 1990. Reports on our first two years of

Research. One page.                                             Free with other publications

A Decade of Skateology  - the term we’ve given to the science

and technology of the ice-edge interface. A review defining the

Virtual Skater that our Skateology Laboratory (recently donated

to the University of Sheffield) tests.  One page      Free with other publications

Research into Skate and Boot Design and Blade Sharpening with

recommended Design Improvements. A detailed analysis of blade

geometry's with special emphasis on the inaccuracies of the side honed

blade, adjustable/detachable toepicks and constructional details of our

test facility for determining the Coefficient of Friction of blades and runners.

Includes our initial recommendation of the CoPlanar Concept.

USOC Conference Report  Dec 1989               Twenty Three pages $12.00

All the above authored by Sidney Broadbent P.Eng

ICESKATEOLOGY  PUBLICATIONS to be made available shortly on this web site

Adaptation of Traditional Skating Boots to CoPlanar Skateblades

Instructions for the Skate Technician.   6 pages                        Free with other publications

To those having trouble mounting Traditional Blades to Traditional Boots.

Helpful suggestions towards securing accurate mountings and methods of assessing boot accuracy.                                                                     Free with other publications

Whether you ‘Lie’ about it or have a better ‘Pitch’ there is a Mathematical Solution to Balance Point adjustment. Article published in Let’s Play Hockey’s 2003 Program Offers an alternative to the massive steel removal using the skate sharpener manufacturers’ solution to balance point adjustment.                   Free with other publications