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The following is a continuation of the dialog under the title COPLANAR reporting my research activity for the USOC leading up to the productionizing of that geometry. One of the final recommendation of that research was the detachable toepick and now  after twenty years of design evolution, I’m able to present a practical effective design, the GOLDQUEST.

Development of the detachable toepick, the other major recommendation of my USOC funded research (none personally in my pockets) has taken a lot longer and in 2008 it began to reach the ice in prototype form with a trademark name of GOLDQUEST. My announcement flyer is provided under the GOLDQUEST title explaining a) its unique ability to sharpen the full length of the blade, preserving the critical profile in the NSZ, b) its doubling of blade life, c) lifetime interchangeable toepicks (your lifetime) termed Icepicks, d) optional Icepick designs interchangable e) pristine border facets and edges and of course Coplanar. But we might have to relent on this latter feature just to get its advantages to the skater, converting to a aluminium bodied model in keeping with current lightweight trend. More to come on this matter. Please note the photograph on the following page showing the latest cam design all of which is now covered by an issued US patent with international patents pending.



This shows our improved single piece cam-lock replacing the threaded version of the above diagram.